National Car Care Month With Bret’s Inc

Wednesday, April 18th
April is National Car Care Month! Being car care aware means your vehicle is running safely, dependably, and efficiently. We care about your car and making sure it is in the best shape it can be. Here are some ways you can be Car Care Aware this month: Routine Maintenance: bring your car to Bret’s… [ Read More ]

Fall Car Care Tips With Bret’s Inc

Wednesday, September 20th
  As fall begins in the Puget Sound, it’s time to get your car ready for the rain and cold. Here are 6 car care tips to get your vehicle ready for fall!   Fluid Check: We can give all of your fluids a check to ensure you can get through the fall with fresh… [ Read More ]

Keith’s Summer Car Care Tips

Wednesday, June 28th
Keeping your car clean and taken care of this summer is a great way to make sure your road trips are successful! Here are Keith's Summer Car Care Tips: 1. Keep it Clean - Keep  your car clean inside and out. Keeping the exterior clean protects the paintwork from the sun's rays and any damage… [ Read More ]

How To Pick The Best Auto Repair Shop

Sunday, April 13th
(This article was based on numerous sources – none of which are just our opinions) How to avoid bad repair experiences? Find a good, trustworthy shop.  Read reviews online and offline.  Establish that they charge reasonable prices.  A good resource for this is Puget Sound Consumers’ Checkbook, who have rated 474 Local Shops. Consumer Reviews:… [ Read More ]

Reasons to Service your Cooling System!

Thursday, February 13th
You hate to be nagged to maintain this, brush your teeth, take care of that, etc.  Maybe taking care of your Cooling System in your car seems like just another thing to worry about but here’s why you should seriously consider keeping this part of you car in good shape: When the Cooling System has gone… [ Read More ]

Edmonds Auto Repair Recall Beware!

Friday, December 13th
This is an important report based on Real Experiences of Edmonds Auto Repair we are hearing from our clients and their experiences with Factory Recall notifications and taking those claims into certain Repair Shops that are identified as the place to take the recall to. The noted parts and systems that are being Recalled are… [ Read More ]

How To Get Your Japanese Car Ready For Fall

Saturday, September 14th
In the Pacific Nortwest we are having a nice end of Summer (Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd).  It hasn’t been that rainy, we still are seeing the sun, and even though the temperature is dropping, it still is pleasant.  This week should continue to be nice, but then all bets are off. So what would… [ Read More ]