Edmonds Auto Repair Recall Beware!

This is an important report based on Real Experiences of Edmonds Auto Repair we are hearing from our clients and their experiences with Factory Recall notifications and taking those claims into certain Repair Shops that are identified as the place to take the recall to.

The noted parts and systems that are being Recalled are legitimate and do need to be replaced. We are not in any way saying to ignore them! However, when the car owner comes in to do the Recall repair work in Edmonds, they are then made aware of other major auto repair work that needs to be done on their car that is not covered by the recall and is expensive. We have evaluated some of those repair claims on top of the recall notice and found them to be untrue. Luckily, one of our clients thought to double check.

This is an unfortunate situation to report on and wish we did not have to see this kind of unfair practice going on. Many car owners fall prey to this and don’t run it by a second opinion. A speculation is that it is a way to “pay” for all the free recall work.

Our recommendations to you are:

  • Take the recall work into them to get it done
  • Kindly note the extra repair work they recommend you must do with a grain of salt!
  • If you are concerned that the extra repair work may be legitimate please take it to us for a second opinion
  • Even if the extra repair work is real, you will save a lot of money having us do the work over them! (In many cases we’ve seen)

We are sure that this is not the case in every situation. Maybe this will be the last we see of it. However, it is important that we help you to be aware of this situation so that you can be more likely to see the situation for what it is and have a better chance of catching it before you agree to a repair that is illegitimate.