How To Get Your Japanese Car Ready For Fall

In the Pacific Nortwest we are having a nice end of Summer (Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd).  It hasn’t been that rainy, we still are seeing the sun, and even though the temperature is dropping, it still is pleasant.  This week should continue to be nice, but then all bets are off.

So what would we, at Bret’s Japanese Auto Repair Inc. recommend to the Washington state drivers around Edmonds, Lynnwood, Bothell, Shoreline, and Everett, so they can get their car ready for the Fall?

Autumn Auto Advisories – Japanese Car Care

Handling on roads will be worse than it has been over the summer.  Here are some combined conditions that will make driving a little more dangerous in the coming months:

  • Much More Rain… not only does this make the roads more slick in general but a lot of tar that’s embedded in the road comes out for the first time when it mixes with rain and heat.  Be careful!
  • Lots of Leaves – while not the most noticeable road hazzard, on occassion cars can lose control when hitting a thick patch of leaves falling naturally in the Autumn.
  • School Zones and Kids – those 20 MPH signs are back on meaning you have to be more patient and plan more time to get where you are going.  There are more Permanent Speed Sensors and Cameras than ever around Edmonds and Lynnwood so be careful so you don’t get a ticket.  Also, since you’ll be cruising around at 20 mph a lot more, that’s not the ideal speed for fuel efficiency, so we’ll want to do everything we can to get you better fuel efficiency in other areas.

What can you do in terms of japanese car repair in these conditions to minimize risk and improve fuel economy?

  • Tires – its a good time to check on tires.  Tire pressure is an easy thing to adjust to make sure you will have good control.  Are you tires in good shape?  Should they be rotated? Should they be replaced?  Having good tires will serve you well from Fall thru Winter.
  • Alignment – there’s not much you can do about leaves falling, but if you ever are in a situation where you would be close to losing control, having good alignment can make the difference.  Please get your alignment checked and fixed if there are any problems.
  • Other factors helping Maintain Control?  Making sure all your fluids are full or at the right levels can help some factors.  Brakes need to be balanced, in good condition, and responsive.
  • For Fuel Economy these factors listed above can help.  Also look into your O2 Sensor if the Check Engine light is on.   Get your oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles.  Have your Major Service performed every 30,000 miles.  Finally, ask your technicians atBret’s Inc. Japanese Auto Repair for other tips and services to get your fuel economy at its best.