Our Shop Mascot

Remembering Keith: The Boss

In the heart of our shop, between the hum of engines and the clink of tools, there was Keith. More than just our shop mascot, Keith was “The Boss.” For many years, he greeted customers with his gentle demeanor and endearing snorts, becoming a beloved figure and an irreplaceable part of our team.

Keith’s journey with us began 14 years ago. Whether he was sprawled lazily in the corner of the shop or standing at attention outside the garage door, Keith was always a source of joy and companionship.

Customers often recall how Keith would amble up to greet them, his tail wagging in a slow, rhythmic motion. His friendly nature made everyone feel welcome, and his calm presence often turned a routine car repair visit into a memorable experience.

Our company logo features a bulldog—a fitting tribute to a friend who was much more than a pet. He embodied the spirit of our shop: friendly and reliable. 

As we say farewell to our beloved Keith, we invite our customers to join us in celebrating his life. This page is dedicated to him, a collection of memories and moments that capture the joy he brought into our lives. We encourage you to share your stories and photos of Keith. 

Please email them to: keith.brets@bizmktg.com